Scrat cat



This is Scrat!

She’s a small but stout little rescued maine coon.

Rescue Story:

I found this little darling living under a truck in the summer of 2012 with a collar wrapped so tightly around her neck and arm that it was cutting into her under arm.

She was crying out for help so I cut the collar off of her, fed her, and tried to earn her trust to capture her because I knew she needed to be cleaned and stitched up. I got the courage to just grab her and put her in my car but she just darted right back out.

This went on for days! I knew it was getting serious  because it was getting up in the high 90’s outside and she was living up under a hot metal truck! I finally lured her in to my apartment with food one night, put her in a cage, and then took her to the vet in the morning.

I didn’t plan on keeping her but the more time we spent together the less I wanted to be apart. Luckily I had the $1200 she needed to get taken care of (surgery, spaying, shots, the works) and by that time I realized she chose me to be her owner.

She was practically hairless, very thin, and not well when we met, but she is fluffy and full and very healthy these days!

Favorite Food: Whatever she can get down before her adopted brother comes to finish off her food for her

Favorite Toy: Classic Laser Pointer

Bad habits: Scratching and biting friendlies, being a little bitchy in the morning, ouch!


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