Apple Cider Vinegar!


As a hangover remedy:
I started with adding a healthy pour to my water glass after reading that it can cure a hangover.

I was pleased with the results and continued to add it to my water glass in the morning even without having imbibed the night before.

I enjoy the taste; tart, sour, and apple-y. Similar to a Komboucha’s sourness.

As a health shot:

I enjoyed it so much I decided to try it as an undiluted shot! That’s got to be good right? MISTAKE! Ouch! My throat burned for a couple of hours. Don’t do it! MUST dilute with water.

I’ve also tried it in hot teas, with cinnamon, honey, and ginger. It’s pretty ok like that, but I’d rather just drink it with cold water.

I read that if you drink it before meals it’s great for digestion and a healthy metabolism , however I don’t always remember to drink it before meals in which case I’ll chase my food with a big gulp of ACV diluted with water.

As a non-toxic household cleanser:

After buying and using so much Organic ACV , I’ve decided to just use regular vinegar for cleaning, and save the good stuff for drinking and hair rinsing. Which brings us to my final and favorite use!

As a hair rinse:

My favorite use by far is using ACV as a rinse for my hair! It really gets the hair clean and SHINY!

I use a regular shampoo but no longer use conditioner (Money $aver)

There is no smell of vinegar after you rinse it out with cold water.

Highly recommend this ACV!

Next, to learn how to make my own because I am always going to want a steady supply.


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