Woke up dreaming…

I’ll be getting up early every day to work on my dream, to make my dreams a reality. Bit by bit, day by day, and every step building on the last. Staying focused on the dream of living in the mountains

This morning when I woke up this dream was playing in my mind: I’m snowboarding with friends. Fresh powder and it’s coming down!

I cut off on my own and hit some sweet jumps and have that moment in the air where I feel like i’m in slow motion and looking at the snow coming down around me. I open my mouth to taste the snow and then come down and keep sailing down the mountain at high speeds and tight turns!

So that’s the dream that got me to pop up out of bed this morning and get the day going! That’s a goal I can leap out of bed and write for day in and day out. Living ski in/ski out, home office with a view of the mountains, waking up early for fresh tracks. Eating good and burning it off good.

That’s my dream life. The house is just a tiny house, not more than I need. It probably doesn’t even have a TV. My life will be about working hard and playing hard. Work to play.

So that’s it! The decision is made. It’s just over 7 months to launch this thing! 223 days until the 2015/2016 season starts.

Let the countdown begin!


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