Post Mountain Depression

Sitting here in Florida but my head is STILL in the clouds. Colorado on my mind. Something about the altitude, being closer to the sun and sky. The lifestyle is pure and fun. The people are in tune with the land and seasons. Certainly is easier to breathe down here at sea level. It’s like an oxygen fest!

The day we left, I had tears in my eyes and felt like I was being pulled away from happiness. Well duh, the vacay was over and it was time to go. That is when I discovered PMD.

Early onset PMD, or Post Mountain Depression is a condition (made up by me) in which you come to a realization that your life will now go back to how it was before a week on the mountain playground. And I don’t care if your life is awesome or not, it’s hard hitting.

For a week you are on a different agenda and looking at your life from a different perspective. Going up on the lift, thinking about life, and talking it over with friends and strangers. Reflection. You meet fellow travelers and locals and we all feel the common bond: we are here to party.

Freedom. Going down the mountain as fast as you can, or as slow as you want, and again and again. The rush of the wind blowing in your face and whistling loudly in your ears is highly addictive. I mean, I would clear my schedule for it, cancel all my meetings, and reschedule my appointments. That is how awesome it is.

And then apres! Talking with friends about the wins and losses on the mountain, the sweet spots you found. Feeling pride for having accomplished something new in your sport. Sometimes you’re so worn out by the end of the night that you just pass out. That sleep is some of the best sleep money can’t buy. True Rest. Then you pop out of bed the next morning eager to do it all over again.

That is your life. Day in and day out it’s all about your hearts desire.

Then you get that message from your airline that it’s time to check in for your flight and reality starts to set in. Enjoy every last minute because it’s about to be over. Bummer. You descend from the mountain wonderland and once home, PSD really sets in.

Symptoms are; lack of motivation, obsessively looking at mountain photos, blurry vision, constantly checking powder reports, dazed mentality, staring blankly, under or overeating, bragging about your top speeds and jumps and showing people your Alpine replay page, maybe some binge drinking, pacing, and refusing to unpack or store your riding gear away, in denial that it is over. The only cure is time.

I hate to use this saying, but…the struggle is real!

You are not alone! Apart from passing time, all you can really do is plan your next trip and stay in shape. Speaking of which, I need to go RUN.

Next year, it will be mine:

Some more beautiful torture, powder envy:

Oh yeah, how could I forget to brag about my last day!? My Session Detail from the app Alpine Replay:

4 jumps 🙂


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