Rosemary and Garlic Mashed Red Potatoes


This was great the other night when I needed a side to go with a Bun-less Portobello Burger. I had to improvise by using whatever I had left before grocery shopping, sometimes that’s the best stuff!

Red potatoes are awesome for mashed potatoes!

They are creamy, and the skins are very thin and smooth so they smash up pretty well.

Herbs, Butter and potatoes can’t be bad!

Here’s what you will need:

Tablespoon of finely chopped fresh Rosemary

4 Cloves of Garlic

2 pounds of red potatoes, cubed and boiled

1 or 2 Parsnips

Salt & Pepper

3 Tablespoons of Kerrygold Salted Irish Butter

Cup of organic whole Milk

1/2 Cup of Veggy Broth (1/2 goes in the boiling water and 1/2 into the mash)

Start with getting your potato water on the stove and turned on high, then start chopping your potatoes and parsnips.

Once those are in the water, mince your Garlic and Rosemary, about 3 sprigs.

Check your potatoes after 10 or15 minutes, and strain them when done. Fork test!

Once strained, add a tablespoon of butter to the same pot and cook the garlic on medium. Just before you are ready to add the potatoes, add the fresh Rosemary, and stir. Let it cook for a minute, and add your potatoes, milk, butter, and broth.

Mash it up!

Add the salt and pepper to taste. You may need to add more milk or broth if you like a creamier or thinner consistency, I like it rather thick.



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