Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink

Miami’s new Design District is definitely a nice walk through, even if you don’t want to drop $30,000 on a porcelain dragon from the Lladro store.

If you’re hungry while passing through, you should definitely eat at Michael’s Genuine. They have a very inviting courtyard seating area and everything is delicious!

Michael’s Genuine is “fresh. simple. pure.”

130 NE 40th St, Miami, FL 33137

(305) 573-5550

They specialize in local and artisan style foods and have a wood fired brick oven for pizzas and other menu items.

Saturday Brunch at MGFD!

I like to try and get a good brunch sesh in on Saturday to avoid the Sunday brunch crowds. It was a Bloody Mary and Oysters start to this passed Saturday brunch.

Started with a half dozen Ichibod oysters from Massachusetts, and they were so good we ended up ordering a second half dozen. The shell of the oyster were very spiny and fun to inspect.

The Bloody Mary was REALLY good! We found out from our moustached server that it’s a house made mix and well seasoned; zesty and VERY peppery. The well vodka was Tito’s, and 4 of these baby’s were $60!

Next was the special appetizer of the day, a tomato and Burrata, drizzled with olive oil and salt. The yellow and red tomatoes were at the perfect ripeness and so tender and juicy!

If you love fresh Mozzarella and haven’t tried Burrata, you need to! It’s like Mozz’s sexy cousin. It’s like Butta.

Next up was the falafel and calabazas hummus wrap with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, and a tahini sauce. The side choice was salad or house cut fries. We opted for the fries and an extra side of tahini and hot sauce for dipping. Two words. Vegetarian. Perfection.

The home made hot sauce was fire! Not to mention the way it was served. I guess I’m a sucker for cute little jars.

When it came time for dessert, a little wave of sadness came over me. I was excited to see how amazing this would be, considering how good everything else was, but sad that the MGFD Saturday brunch sesh was almost over.

My date chose dessert for us and ordered the wood oven baked Peach and Prosecco crisp, served with house made toasted oat ice cream. I don’t even like ice cream, but this was the one I would eat again, even by itself. The dessert was delicious and perfect with an espresso! YUM!

The entire coffee selection is Panther Coffee, which is a nearby small batch roaster and coffee shop. They have an excellent cold brew coffee for those hot days that can be such a drag. I get mine with light ice and a splash of vanilla.

So check out MGFD sometime, you won’t be disappointed!

By the way, almost forgot, don’t forget to treat yourself to a Cartier watch while you’re there, it’s right across the street from Micheal’s! How convenient!


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