New Mellow Mushroom in Fort Lauderdale

Craft Beer and Yummy Pizza.

So we were on the way to find some sushi the other night when we passed the new Mellow Mushroom in Fort Lauderdale and decided to check it out.

I was really craving something fresh/salad/cold but was easily swayed from that desire to visit another guilty pleasure of mine, beer and pizza! Complete calorie bomb, but I was willing to set it off because I had just run a good 7 miles earlier that evening and was starving. Totally. Justified.

Mellow is on US 1 just across from Fresh Market but a little further down in front of EDGE. The place is huge and very bright with what I’ll call a “wild and neon” style of decor.

They had only been open a week so I was a little weary about going to a place that new because of the kinks you can sometimes encounter at new restaurants. I’m pleased to say there were no kinks.


The list of 48 beers is listed on a large chalkboard to the left when you walk in. I saw a lot of the craft beers that I like and started of with an Arrogant Bastard on draft from Stone Brewery. They also had Terrapin, Dogfish Head, Left Hand Brewery, and Goose Island to name a few of the other craft beers on the menu.

Fresh/Salad/Cold Element:

The Greek Salad was calling my name because it had the most variety of vegetables and feta cheese. Love me some feta. The house Esperanza dressing, which sort of resembles a creamy italian dressing, was suggested. So far so good. The vegetables were all fresh in the salad and it was big enough to share.


The pizza selections all sounded pretty complex and/or meaty, and I’m Pescatarian so we created our own. The waiter warned us to be careful that we don’t end up with a $60 pizza which apparently happened the other day when someone went crazy with the toppings.

We decided on caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and portobello mushrooms. Delicious! The sauce was very flavorful, there was a generous amount of cheese, and the crust was the best combination of crispy on the outside, and fluffy/soft inside. It came to $17 for a medium.


I was talking with the waiter after our meal to get some more info about the place:

The kitchen will be open until 11 PM on weekdays and the bar will close at midnight. On the weekends, food is served until midnight and the bar open until 1 AM.

There is a lot of seating inside, and they also have a second bar outside with a huge patio with even more seating.

I’ve been on an Avion tequila or Tito’s vodka and soda kick lately so I noticed that the only tequila on display was Patron and asked about the selections. They have Sauza for the well (least expensive) and shots of Patron are $6 for an ounce and a quarter. Pretty cheap!

The waiter said he thought Tito’s was around $5.50. Pretty good considering I paid $11 for one of those on the beach this week. Ouch.

Beer for dessert:

It was my first time trying the Green Flash IPA, and being that it’s from the West Coast, I was pretty certain I would love it. And I did, SO flavorful. YUM. Huge fan of Stone and Ballast Point as well.

I always go to Riverside Market for my beer and pizza fix and I normally don’t like to eat at chain restaurants, but i’ll definitely go back to this Mellow Mushroom. Everything was really tasty, the service was good, and they have a nice beer selection.

Yay for beer and pizza!

Mellow Mushroom

525 N Federal Hwy #500

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


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