Are you looking for espresso in Fort Lauderdale?

Gran Forno & Gran Forno Pronto serve Illy espresso on Las Olas!

After a big lunch, I was in the process of getting geared up for a evening run. I start around 6:30/7:00 when the day finally cools down. What I needed was an espresso.

Hopped in the car and headed to Las Olas, as I remembered I saw several little coffee and dessert places. I passed two Starbucks on the way, but I think we should all be on a mission to find other options. Support local!

Parking can be a little tricky on this busy street in Fort Lauderdale, but I got a spot a short walk away.

The restaurant is almost all patio, and it’s a large one at that. The inside is just a counter and kitchen. I ordered the espresso and asked for biscotti but they were out.

The lady asked if I wanted something from the dessert display case, but everything was too big! She then recommended the Sfogliatella, a small ricotta filled pastry.

I asked if it was made there but she informed me that it was made at their bakery down the street.

Just looking at this little pastry, you wonder how they get the layers of dough to look like a shell, must be very labor intensive.

She brought out my espresso (ILLY, YUM) and sfogliatella. The ricotta filling had a little lemon zest so I thought to go for a dunk in the espresso. DELISH!

I’ll be frequenting this place often! I can’t wait to try the brick oven pizza and visit their bakery down the street.

I really wanted stay and kick back on the patio because the music was just getting started, but still went for the run.

RUN to EAT!!

#treatyourself #fortlauderdale #lasolas


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