Going to Club Space Miami? Info for you party people! 

Looks like a good night tonight at SPACE tonight!

MATTER on the Terrace Victor Calderone, ALX, and Mike Frade (I LOVE ALX) CLICK For Tickets for Club Space tonight!  


SPACE just got voted number 46 in the top 100 nightclubs in DJ MAG last month! If you’re going anytime soon and have not been there yet, here are some tips so that you have a smooth evening/morning! Here’s the pics and story from my most recent experience at The 15 year Anniversary of Club Space In Miami, with Erick Morillo. Oh what a night and on into the morning! Got into Space at exactly 3 AM and Morillo started soon after. The place was packed! They open at 10 PM, but it’s a huge place and doesn’t fill up until after midnight. Crowd The crowd was really cool and diverse. Every body there is VERY into the music and pretty friendly. Lots of fun people on the dance floor and the vibe is really good. All smiles. The dress style is mixed from somewhat casual to very dressy, just depends what kind of party everyone came from because Space is definitely the best after hours spot in Miami. Tickets Definitely get tickets ahead of time if you want to get into Space quickly on a night that they’re headlining a well known DJ. If you sign up for the mailing list from the Club Space website, they will text you a code to get a further discount of about five or ten dollars. You can choose to arrive before 1 AM for about $20, or before 3 AM for $30. I believe it’s $40 or $50 at the door.

House Heaven    This is what it looks like when the sun comes up in the morning and the party gets good and lively! The best time of the night at Space is between 6 AM and about 8:30 AM when the sun is coming up! There’s even a fresh crowd of people that come in the morning, like a brunch crowd. In fact I would do that, get up at about 5 AM and head to space for some early morning dancing! #sundayfunday Check out my activity on My Runkeeper APP, yup I counted my dancing as exercise! I don’t know about the 3000 calories though!    Eric Morillo was relentless, I kept thinking it was almost over and then he ate breakfast while he was spinning and kept it going! We finally threw in the towel at 11 AM but he kept playing until 2 PM! Some more tips for your Space Outing! Don’t forget the cash! – They only take cash or tickets at the door Don’t bring your American Express card! – I tried to use mine at the bar and had no other card! No drink for me. Earplugs! -You will be hard of hearing for the next 24 hours! If you’re nice and leave a tip on water, the bartender won’t mind giving you a cup of water, rather than paying $8 for one. I did buy an Oculto beer for $10. Guest list You can try to get on the Guest list by going to the website or contacting a promoter on Twitter or Instagram! There are often contests to enter on their social media and website to win a VIP table or a spot on the guest list with open bar but only until 12:30 AM, and not on major nights. The good stuff happens in the morning though so plan to be there for that!

Have FUN!  


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