Anna Wall’s House is my House

Out now: TRAXX Volume 2, My House is your House


Loving this lady and her chill house mixes out of the UK! You can check them all out on Soundcloud. My favorite is definitely The Soundcloud Mix Vol 5, The Bricks that Built my House.

Anna Wall was just featured in the May edition of DJ MAG, she’s got a magic touch and consistent style that I really enjoy. 

She started out as a bedroom DJ and friends suggested she go public with her passion and it stuck. Years later she’s touring, producing, into radio, and promoting.

Just released: TRAXX Volume 2, My House is your House is available from the Needwant label on iTunes for $5.99 or Beatport for $9.99.

Here’s a video of her DJ’ing from Miami on YouTube:

Anna Wall & Treasure Fingers in Miami @ DJ Mixlab

Check out her sounds and let me know what you think, her music style is perfect for beach, relaxing, studying, road trip, pretty much anytime you just want to chill and don’t want anything heavy or too crazy and beat heavy in your face like dubstep!

Hope you enjoy!



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