Best Mediterranean in Miami!

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Located in the Buena Vista area of Miami on 2nd Street, just outside of the Design District. Perfect day, perfect food, perfect service.

You’ll walk in from the street and into the beautiful courtyard seating area. Right away I knew this was a going to be an extra long extended lunch! Beautiful! They do have a few tables inside, but plan on patio. It’s all shaded and stays pretty cool. 

Start off with the Turkish Trio; Hummus, Beet salad, and Tomato Walnut Dip served with crusty bread in little paper bags. 

Turkish Trio

Grilled Octopus

First time trying grilled octopus, pescatarian delight! It was marinated and then grilled perfectly. Topped with a squeeze of lemon,
so tender and delicious. Must try!


Can not pass up tzatziki when I’m eating greek!

Roasted Vegetable & Spicy Hummus Sandwich

Amuse Bouche

Not sure what this chocolate cake is called because it was not on the menu, but all of the tables around had it. YUM! Reminded me of graham crackers and chocolate pudding layered together, yet not too sweet or rich. Perfect with a little Turkish Coffee!

Next time your in Miami and feeling Greek, check out Mandolin, it might be your new favorite! 

Ambience: Crushed it

Food: Flavor and kick, killed it

Service: All over it 

Quality: High

Price: A little pricey, but average for Miami

Happy and Full, we didn’t move off that patio for several hours! Go Mandolin!


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