Going to Club Space Miami? Info for you party people! 

Looks like a good night tonight at SPACE tonight!

MATTER on the Terrace Victor Calderone, ALX, and Mike Frade (I LOVE ALX) CLICK For Tickets for Club Space tonight!  


SPACE just got voted number 46 in the top 100 nightclubs in DJ MAG last month! If you’re going anytime soon and have not been there yet, here are some tips so that you have a smooth evening/morning! Here’s the pics and story from my most recent experience at The 15 year Anniversary of Club Space In Miami, with Erick Morillo. Oh what a night and on into the morning! Got into Space at exactly 3 AM and Morillo started soon after. The place was packed! They open at 10 PM, but it’s a huge place and doesn’t fill up until after midnight. Crowd The crowd was really cool and diverse. Every body there is VERY into the music and pretty friendly. Lots of fun people on the dance floor and the vibe is really good. All smiles. The dress style is mixed from somewhat casual to very dressy, just depends what kind of party everyone came from because Space is definitely the best after hours spot in Miami. Tickets Definitely get tickets ahead of time if you want to get into Space quickly on a night that they’re headlining a well known DJ. If you sign up for the mailing list from the Club Space website, they will text you a code to get a further discount of about five or ten dollars. You can choose to arrive before 1 AM for about $20, or before 3 AM for $30. I believe it’s $40 or $50 at the door.

House Heaven    This is what it looks like when the sun comes up in the morning and the party gets good and lively! The best time of the night at Space is between 6 AM and about 8:30 AM when the sun is coming up! There’s even a fresh crowd of people that come in the morning, like a brunch crowd. In fact I would do that, get up at about 5 AM and head to space for some early morning dancing! #sundayfunday Check out my activity on My Runkeeper APP, yup I counted my dancing as exercise! I don’t know about the 3000 calories though!    Eric Morillo was relentless, I kept thinking it was almost over and then he ate breakfast while he was spinning and kept it going! We finally threw in the towel at 11 AM but he kept playing until 2 PM! Some more tips for your Space Outing! Don’t forget the cash! – They only take cash or tickets at the door Don’t bring your American Express card! – I tried to use mine at the bar and had no other card! No drink for me. Earplugs! -You will be hard of hearing for the next 24 hours! If you’re nice and leave a tip on water, the bartender won’t mind giving you a cup of water, rather than paying $8 for one. I did buy an Oculto beer for $10. Guest list You can try to get on the Guest list by going to the website or contacting a promoter on Twitter or Instagram! There are often contests to enter on their social media and website to win a VIP table or a spot on the guest list with open bar but only until 12:30 AM, and not on major nights. The good stuff happens in the morning though so plan to be there for that!

Have FUN!  


New Mellow Mushroom in Fort Lauderdale

Craft Beer and Yummy Pizza.

So we were on the way to find some sushi the other night when we passed the new Mellow Mushroom in Fort Lauderdale and decided to check it out.

I was really craving something fresh/salad/cold but was easily swayed from that desire to visit another guilty pleasure of mine, beer and pizza! Complete calorie bomb, but I was willing to set it off because I had just run a good 7 miles earlier that evening and was starving. Totally. Justified.

Mellow is on US 1 just across from Fresh Market but a little further down in front of EDGE. The place is huge and very bright with what I’ll call a “wild and neon” style of decor.

They had only been open a week so I was a little weary about going to a place that new because of the kinks you can sometimes encounter at new restaurants. I’m pleased to say there were no kinks.


The list of 48 beers is listed on a large chalkboard to the left when you walk in. I saw a lot of the craft beers that I like and started of with an Arrogant Bastard on draft from Stone Brewery. They also had Terrapin, Dogfish Head, Left Hand Brewery, and Goose Island to name a few of the other craft beers on the menu.

Fresh/Salad/Cold Element:

The Greek Salad was calling my name because it had the most variety of vegetables and feta cheese. Love me some feta. The house Esperanza dressing, which sort of resembles a creamy italian dressing, was suggested. So far so good. The vegetables were all fresh in the salad and it was big enough to share.


The pizza selections all sounded pretty complex and/or meaty, and I’m Pescatarian so we created our own. The waiter warned us to be careful that we don’t end up with a $60 pizza which apparently happened the other day when someone went crazy with the toppings.

We decided on caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and portobello mushrooms. Delicious! The sauce was very flavorful, there was a generous amount of cheese, and the crust was the best combination of crispy on the outside, and fluffy/soft inside. It came to $17 for a medium.


I was talking with the waiter after our meal to get some more info about the place:

The kitchen will be open until 11 PM on weekdays and the bar will close at midnight. On the weekends, food is served until midnight and the bar open until 1 AM.

There is a lot of seating inside, and they also have a second bar outside with a huge patio with even more seating.

I’ve been on an Avion tequila or Tito’s vodka and soda kick lately so I noticed that the only tequila on display was Patron and asked about the selections. They have Sauza for the well (least expensive) and shots of Patron are $6 for an ounce and a quarter. Pretty cheap!

The waiter said he thought Tito’s was around $5.50. Pretty good considering I paid $11 for one of those on the beach this week. Ouch.

Beer for dessert:

It was my first time trying the Green Flash IPA, and being that it’s from the West Coast, I was pretty certain I would love it. And I did, SO flavorful. YUM. Huge fan of Stone and Ballast Point as well.

I always go to Riverside Market for my beer and pizza fix and I normally don’t like to eat at chain restaurants, but i’ll definitely go back to this Mellow Mushroom. Everything was really tasty, the service was good, and they have a nice beer selection.

Yay for beer and pizza!

Mellow Mushroom

525 N Federal Hwy #500

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Eating or Drinking in Miami? Suggestion: Wynwood Art District

Eating & Drinking in Wynwood Art District, Miami

Went on a little foodie rampage in Miami recently, something like Anthony Bourdain’s show that I love called Layover, except I did not fly in and I’m not an eccentric TV travel host.

Nothing better than hanging out with a local foodie and cutting right to the chase of the good places for eating and drinking in this eclectic neighborhood.

Scooter is the way to go in this area. Wind blowing in your hair and front spot parking always!

Scoot scootin’ around the streets:

My whole experience was in and around the Wynwood Art District. It’s a very chill neighborhood with an artsy vibe that doesn’t really feel like being in the busy city of Miami. Overall we tackled four restaurants, two bars, and a coffee shop.


Ready for some deliciousness?

Sabor a Peru, 2923 Biscayne Blvd

First night I arrived, we went for Peruvian food! Four words: Veulve a La Vida!!! Oh my god, if you love ceviche then this is right up your alley. It’s a finely chopped seafood dish, cooked in lime juice, like ceviche. I’m telling you, as a Pescatarian I eat a mostly plant based diet, and usually eat five times a day because vegetables and nuts don’t last long. 

As I ate this Vuelve a la Vida, I began to feel so healthy and satisfied from the meatiness of it, not to mention the strong lime flavor. This would be a great hangover remedy to bring you back to life.

If I ate only that I would have been totally satisfied, but also tried fried yuca and garlic shrimp, served with fried potato and Hauncaina Sauce (BOMB sauce made from aji amarillo chile and queso fresco).

The place is new, and apparantly was so good that they decided to rent the space next door to add more tables. We sat on the new side so the waiters have to travel back and forth between the two rooms. I felt like our service was a little hindered by sitting in the new side, so if you go, try and sit in the original side, the one with the kitchen.

Enriqueta’s, Cuban Diner on 186 NE 29th Street

Somewhat small diner with delicious food and good portions! They have a breakfast bar and a street side service window and only serve breakfast and lunch.

Monday Special was Breaded fried steak with black beans, rice, plantains, and mixed salad. Cafe con Leche and guava and cheese empanada for dessert.

Gigi’s, Late night comfort food with a twist at 3470 N Miami Ave

We walked in around midnight STARVING, and started off with the 4/20 cream of mushroom soup that was the special for $5. Delicious! The truffle oil made the dish!

Got my veg on with the mixed green salad with honey-miso dressing, tomatos, egg, and bean sprouts.

And then there were BUNS. BUNS? Yes please! A little bundle of ingredients inside a doughy white bread bun that is still joined on one side. The Shiitake Mushroom Buns were killer and my carnivorous friend enjoyed the Duck Confit Buns.

The cornbread with honey bacon butter was scrumptious and brought some southern flair to the meal. It’s on the sweet side so it could even be dessert!

If you’re craving a real dessert this is the place because they’re all house made. I saw bread pudding on the specials menu, but a popular item was miniature sized soft serve cones for a dollar that they bring out on a little plate. Cute!

Buena Vista Deli, 4590 NE 2nd Ave

I’d have to say this was my favorite. A french style eatery with excellent fresh breads and salads! Full strength Iced Coffee!! YUM!

I had a Croque Veggy Croissant with a salad made of chickpeas, roasted eggplant, mini mozzerella balls, and grape tomatoes, served with an amazing balsamic and olive oil dressing.

My date had a Smoked Salmon sandwich on ciabiatta bread with avocado, pesto, and spinach, with a greek salad. Everything was so good!

And now for drinks:

Wood Tavern, 2531 NW 2nd Ave

Cool place!

It was my lucky night, ladies night Wednesday with free well drinks from 9-12 AM and on this particular night they had free drafts from MIA brewery. The IPA was on point! There was a DJ inside, and you could also play video games with friends. Outside in the courtyard there was plenty of seating where you could just chill or play jumbo jenga!

Electric Pickle, 2826 Miami Ave

If you’re in the mood for some dancing, head over to the Pickle. A small intimate club that was playing house on Thursday night. Alex the bartender and Avion tequila. BIG FUN. 



Need a pick-me-up?

Panther Coffee, 2390 NW 2nd Ave

Cold Brew Coffee and Giant Cookies! Roasting and tasting is going on all day and it smells like coffee heaven in there! There will probably be a line out the door, but it moves along and allows for some good people watching time. 


This neighborhood rocks! Plenty of cool places to hang out, lots of eye candy with all the art surrounding you, and a great variety of restaurants and bars to choose from. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface! Check it out and let me know what you find!

A special thanks to Zhar for showing this hungry girl a good time! We found what felt good and we treated ourselves right. 😉

In search of a good IPA? RACER 5

I know I am always on the hunt for tasty beer treats!

Racer 5 IPA from Bear Republic in California

I’m usually religious about Stone Brewery Beers but decided to branch out when I was at West Bay Public House in Largo, Florida over the weekend. 
I’m big on IPA’s and this is such a good one! It’s lighter on hop than your typical IPA, so it goes down a little too easy. 

So smooth! Also, it’s 7.5% ABV so you definitely get more bang. Check it out!


Craft Coffee-tails?

Attention all coffee fiends!

In search of a REALLY good cup of coffee in South Florida, and considering it’s reaching temperatures in the 90’s during the day right now, it’s the iced variety that needs finding.

I’ve just relocated to Fort Lauderdale and there are a vast number of new restaurants and bars to try! Excited, but I haven’t seen much for coffee yet besides Starbucks, and having just been informed that Starbucks is in bed with Monsanto, this anti-GMO coffee drinker is looking for other options. Especially now that my Christmas gift cards to Starbuck’s just ran out!

Coffee is enlightening, and I’ve got a thing for enlightened coffee.

My favorites are ICED COFFEE and COLD BREW!

This article about rosemary and fennel syrup added to a craft cocktail style coffee drink has got me inspired to break out my bartender skills and try creating my own crazy coffee concoction!


Check back soon!



Apple Cider Vinegar!


As a hangover remedy:
I started with adding a healthy pour to my water glass after reading that it can cure a hangover.

I was pleased with the results and continued to add it to my water glass in the morning even without having imbibed the night before.

I enjoy the taste; tart, sour, and apple-y. Similar to a Komboucha’s sourness.

As a health shot:

I enjoyed it so much I decided to try it as an undiluted shot! That’s got to be good right? MISTAKE! Ouch! My throat burned for a couple of hours. Don’t do it! MUST dilute with water.

I’ve also tried it in hot teas, with cinnamon, honey, and ginger. It’s pretty ok like that, but I’d rather just drink it with cold water.

I read that if you drink it before meals it’s great for digestion and a healthy metabolism , however I don’t always remember to drink it before meals in which case I’ll chase my food with a big gulp of ACV diluted with water.

As a non-toxic household cleanser:

After buying and using so much Organic ACV , I’ve decided to just use regular vinegar for cleaning, and save the good stuff for drinking and hair rinsing. Which brings us to my final and favorite use!

As a hair rinse:

My favorite use by far is using ACV as a rinse for my hair! It really gets the hair clean and SHINY!

I use a regular shampoo but no longer use conditioner (Money $aver)

There is no smell of vinegar after you rinse it out with cold water.

Highly recommend this ACV!

Next, to learn how to make my own because I am always going to want a steady supply.

PUMPKICK by New Belgium Brewing

Beer: Pumpkick
Style: Seasonal Ale
From: New Belgium, Fort Collins, CO
ABV: 6%
Re-drink?: YES
Price for a sixer: $7.99 On special from $9.99 at Earthfare on University in Huntsville, AL

Description from the bottle:

“What’s that bite of tartness doing in a pumpkin beer? Adding the unexpected kick of cranberry juice to brighten this traditionally spiced seasonal ale. PUMPKICK is brewed with plenty of pumpkin juice, cinnamon,. nutmeg, and allspice, but it’s the cranberries and touch of lemongrass that’ll have you hunt and pecking for more.” -New Belgium
Humble opinion:

Well done! Years ago I was very keen on the Pumpkin beer made by Huntsville’s Old Town Brewery which is no longer with us.

I can say that PUMPKICK is the best pumpkin beer I’ve had since then. It smells just like pumpkin pie and I like that it’s 6% alcohol. The flavors are very well balanced, not too sweet or spicy and the pumpkin taste is subtle. I’m very in tune with seasonal flavors so I may wait until Thanksgiving to drink this again because it’s a very Fall beer and the leaves have not yet begun to fall.

For more info you can check out the brewing company: