Post Mountain Depression

Sitting here in Florida but my head is STILL in the clouds. Colorado on my mind. Something about the altitude, being closer to the sun and sky. The lifestyle is pure and fun. The people are in tune with the land and seasons. Certainly is easier to breathe down here at sea level. It’s like an oxygen fest!

The day we left, I had tears in my eyes and felt like I was being pulled away from happiness. Well duh, the vacay was over and it was time to go. That is when I discovered PMD.

Early onset PMD, or Post Mountain Depression is a condition (made up by me) in which you come to a realization that your life will now go back to how it was before a week on the mountain playground. And I don’t care if your life is awesome or not, it’s hard hitting.

For a week you are on a different agenda and looking at your life from a different perspective. Going up on the lift, thinking about life, and talking it over with friends and strangers. Reflection. You meet fellow travelers and locals and we all feel the common bond: we are here to party.

Freedom. Going down the mountain as fast as you can, or as slow as you want, and again and again. The rush of the wind blowing in your face and whistling loudly in your ears is highly addictive. I mean, I would clear my schedule for it, cancel all my meetings, and reschedule my appointments. That is how awesome it is.

And then apres! Talking with friends about the wins and losses on the mountain, the sweet spots you found. Feeling pride for having accomplished something new in your sport. Sometimes you’re so worn out by the end of the night that you just pass out. That sleep is some of the best sleep money can’t buy. True Rest. Then you pop out of bed the next morning eager to do it all over again.

That is your life. Day in and day out it’s all about your hearts desire.

Then you get that message from your airline that it’s time to check in for your flight and reality starts to set in. Enjoy every last minute because it’s about to be over. Bummer. You descend from the mountain wonderland and once home, PSD really sets in.

Symptoms are; lack of motivation, obsessively looking at mountain photos, blurry vision, constantly checking powder reports, dazed mentality, staring blankly, under or overeating, bragging about your top speeds and jumps and showing people your Alpine replay page, maybe some binge drinking, pacing, and refusing to unpack or store your riding gear away, in denial that it is over. The only cure is time.

I hate to use this saying, but…the struggle is real!

You are not alone! Apart from passing time, all you can really do is plan your next trip and stay in shape. Speaking of which, I need to go RUN.

Next year, it will be mine:

Some more beautiful torture, powder envy:

Oh yeah, how could I forget to brag about my last day!? My Session Detail from the app Alpine Replay:

4 jumps 🙂


Woke up dreaming…

I’ll be getting up early every day to work on my dream, to make my dreams a reality. Bit by bit, day by day, and every step building on the last. Staying focused on the dream of living in the mountains

This morning when I woke up this dream was playing in my mind: I’m snowboarding with friends. Fresh powder and it’s coming down!

I cut off on my own and hit some sweet jumps and have that moment in the air where I feel like i’m in slow motion and looking at the snow coming down around me. I open my mouth to taste the snow and then come down and keep sailing down the mountain at high speeds and tight turns!

So that’s the dream that got me to pop up out of bed this morning and get the day going! That’s a goal I can leap out of bed and write for day in and day out. Living ski in/ski out, home office with a view of the mountains, waking up early for fresh tracks. Eating good and burning it off good.

That’s my dream life. The house is just a tiny house, not more than I need. It probably doesn’t even have a TV. My life will be about working hard and playing hard. Work to play.

So that’s it! The decision is made. It’s just over 7 months to launch this thing! 223 days until the 2015/2016 season starts.

Let the countdown begin!

the hierarchy of desire

I like this service industry inspired writing 🙂

girl in the hat

image courtesy angelica maria zorrilla via Flickr image courtesy angelica maria zorrilla via Flickr

With both aching arms outstretched and loaded with plates (tightrope catwalk, hot plate crucifixion), she walks slowly across the dining room to table 19 and places the plates down in front of the bodies that ordered them.

Escargot Bourguignon. Pasta puttanesca. Squab, burrata and truffled fig, fingerling. ” She rolls the syllables around in her mouth like bits of velvet. If you saw her, you’d see eyes glistening wetly as if she were intoning a love poem she’d written herself, but no one looks up from their plates.

At table 8, she introduces herself (I am your hole-filler, your anonymous food-bringer, faceless feeder), takes their order, and scoots back to the kitchen where her boss, Mulholland, is waiting by the door. His lips are pursed, but he’s not asking for a kiss. “Full hands in, full hands out,” he reminds…

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LIFT app and Productivity

To all those who want to change and create good habits,

I recently have been making an effort to be more productive and it’s working!
I’ve dropped back quite a bit in the number of hours I spend watching Netflix, and increased the hours I spend working on goals and hobbies.

How Lift helps:

I don’t know about you, but I have so many things I want to do (not to mention things I HAVE to do)  that I often feel overwhelmed so I do NOTHING.

Lift is helping me organize the things I aim to do and get them done.

This great free phone app has helped target the areas of my life that I want to spend time working on and creating good habits.

Yesterday I tackled 7 of my 12 goals!

My goals on LIFT:

Ukelele practice
Plan travels
Oil Pulling
Lateral Thinking Puzzles

How it works:
When you start the app you basically type in what you want to do, in my case Run, and it searches all of it’s “Run” groups.
You can join in or start your own group, and then add more goals until you have all of them entered.
You can choose to interact with others, I don’t really do this part but occasionally read the questions people ask and answer if I can help them.
My goal is just to make these things happen more in my life!

You can also tell it how many times a week you want to do these things and set reminders.

When you complete an activity, just check it off and pat yourself on the back 🙂

My favorites:

Yoga and Meditation

I’ve only been using it for a week and really noticed a positive change in myself.
The yoga and meditation groups are my favorite because they have video’s from teachers to help.
“Affirmations with Dr. Henshaw” is a 6 video series that I felt silly doing at first (reminiscent of an old SNL skit) but the positive effect it had on my day was nothing to laugh at. FEELING GOOD!

I believe the skit was Affirmations with Stewart Smally? “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darnnit people like me!” -SNL

I just started “Foundations of Yoga” with Adrienne yesterday and I’m loving it so far because she focuses on one pose a day. Today was the Bound Angle Pose, Baddha Konasana.


So following my meditation I went right to learning a yoga pose and then on to cooking breakfast and now I’m writing! Unfortunately I have to be at work in an hour and a half so all this productivity is about to come to a screeching halt! Grrrrrr necessary evils.

I hope this helps, I don’t want to be the only one reaping all these rewards!

Rock on and enjoy the journey!




This is Sneak!

He loves napping and stretching his body across the floor to demonstrate his lengthy body.

He’s the “king of the castle” and lets his younger smaller adopted sister know it.

Favorite food: Fancy Feast “Savory Salmon”

Favorite toy: It’s a tie between the Classic Laser pointer and Kong Kickaroo which he licks after he’s done attacking it.

Bad habits: Table-walking, opening doors that the humans prefer to stay closed, gorging himself on food, and freaking out if there’s no food waiting  when he finally wakes up from napping.






This is Scrat!

She’s a small but stout little rescued maine coon.

Rescue Story:

I found this little darling living under a truck in the summer of 2012 with a collar wrapped so tightly around her neck and arm that it was cutting into her under arm.

She was crying out for help so I cut the collar off of her, fed her, and tried to earn her trust to capture her because I knew she needed to be cleaned and stitched up. I got the courage to just grab her and put her in my car but she just darted right back out.

This went on for days! I knew it was getting serious  because it was getting up in the high 90’s outside and she was living up under a hot metal truck! I finally lured her in to my apartment with food one night, put her in a cage, and then took her to the vet in the morning.

I didn’t plan on keeping her but the more time we spent together the less I wanted to be apart. Luckily I had the $1200 she needed to get taken care of (surgery, spaying, shots, the works) and by that time I realized she chose me to be her owner.

She was practically hairless, very thin, and not well when we met, but she is fluffy and full and very healthy these days!

Favorite Food: Whatever she can get down before her adopted brother comes to finish off her food for her

Favorite Toy: Classic Laser Pointer

Bad habits: Scratching and biting friendlies, being a little bitchy in the morning, ouch!

Scrat cat